Omazz Pillow Talatech Latex
Omazz Pillow Talatech Latex


Omazz®, Latex Foam pillow a natural-based product provides many benefits to your body and your sleeping environment. With Talatech™ process, Omazz® pillow have unique property in efficiently adjusting the shape to support every curve of your body,head and neck. In return your body weight will be absorbed and stabilized with tenderness.Such benefit will help improve blood circulation flow. Your spine will be aligned and protected. Finally, you will enter a truly perfect sleep, enjoy full rest and your body and mind will be restored.

Omazz® pillows are ultra hypoallergenic, the best choice for everyone, especially for people suffered from allergies. The pin hole structure of pillow allows the better air circulation and release humidity from body faster,giving a cool comfort sleep in the summer and a warm sleep in the winter.

Omazz® has three times better protection from dust mite than regular pillow. It also has damp resistance to protect you from mould, bacteria and allergies. These unique properties cannot be found in other regular sleeping products.


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SGD 289 / wGST

Pillow Size: 50 x 75cm

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