Omazz Pillow Impressive
Omazz Pillow Impressive


Siberian – White Goose Down Pillow

Omazz® 101 IMPRESSION Pillow 

Exclusive Siberian Heaven
Experience the heavenly comfort!

Siberia is best recognized for its rough climate with extreme variations in temperature.

Not many livings there are able to adapt and survive.

White geese are amongst the few greatest adapters.

Their wonderful, matured down fascinate by their soft touch and very good warmth insulation - in spite of their extremely light weight.

The two are exactly what form the basis in creating an exclusive sleeping comfort.

Due to the fact that the quantity of Siberian white goose down is relatively small in such zones, it is one of the very precious filling materials in the world.

Omazz® 101 Impression Pillow:
• Cushy lying comfort in all sleeping positions
• Extremely lightweight filling of particularly soft Siberian white goose down.


*** Goods will be delivered after 14 working days from the date the order is processed unless you are notified otherwise. Our Customer Service Officer will contact you once the goods are ready to be dispatch.

SGD 699 / wGST

Cover : 100% Micro-modal batiste, hydrophile, with shiny Piping

Filling : New white Siberian Goose down & feathers - Class 1

Outer core : Siberian White Goose Down/feathers - Class 1 - 90% down, 10% feather 120 g.

Inner core : Siberian White Goose Down/feathers - Class 1 - 70% down, 30% feather 360 g.

Size : Standard 50 x 75 cm.
        : King 54 x 92 cm.

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