Dorsal Mattress Soleil Firm
Dorsal Mattress Soleil Firm


Grand Soleil®, the first and original mattress made of natural renewable resources.

Grand Soleil® answers fully to the demands for a more natural line of products and to the current requests of environment-friendly mattresses and pillows. Already wide tested in the European market thanks to Dorsal, it is also a success in Italy.

To rest well all you need is the power of a flower, the sunflower. In fact Grand Soleil® contains the extracts of sunflower oils which mixed with water and throughout a process becomes mattress and pillow. Is it not unique to be able to benefit of a clean energy, able to re-equilibrate your organism and give this energy back to you? Our orientated natural conscience drives us to invest on technologies that use renewable resources (unlike petrol that is limited) but guaranteeing a level of quality that passes our standards. Grand Soleil® is the first and original, revolutionary foam, highly hygienically and breathable, perfect for mattress and pillows that can give you an extreme comfort, the one that you have always asked for.


*** Goods will be delivered after 14 working days from the date the order is processed unless you are notified otherwise. Our Customer Service Officer will contact you once the goods are ready to be dispatch.

SGD 5,799 / wGST


  • The high intrinsic performance of Grand Soleil is enhanced by the complex design of the Soleil core surface, with seven zones comfort.
  • The vertical and horizontal cutting grid, shaped as a diamond, distributes the pressure of the body recreating a relieving and natural massaging effect.
  • Trio Cell - Combined Structure of 3 types of Cells (33% large, 33% medium, 33% small) guarantee good breathability and air exchange inside mattress
  • Total Core Height : 18cm



  • Soleil is recommended for those who suffer from back pain.


Size measurements

Super Single – 90 x 190/200cm 
Single – 106 x 190cm 
Queen – 152 x 190cm 
King – 182 x 190/200cm 

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