Dorsal Bed System Xpoint 400R4
Dorsal Bed System Xpoint 400R4


  • XPoint 400 consists of MultyPoint three-dimensional elements which are distributed to support the physiological characteristics of the vertebral spine. 
  • The MultyPoint three-dimensional elements have different firmness grades to accommodate shoulders, pelvis, legs and calves areas. 
  • The Dynaflex® slats are reserved to the areas of the head and feet.
  • There are 3 different heights adjustment and 2 firmness levels in the lordosis zone which allows personalising the Dorsal bed system Xpoint 400 to adapt perfectly to your body.
  • Multiply beech wood frame 60 x 30mm.
  • Single version adjustable with 4 motors and memory functions. 
*** Goods will be delivered after 14 working days from the date the order is processed unless you are notified otherwise. Our Customer Service Officer will contact you once the goods are ready to be dispatch.

SGD 4,999 / wGST

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