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Rest For Success
Rest For Success


Experts agree that those who sleep well are able to perform and focus better when compared with individuals who do not get enough quality sleep. For that reason, it is crucial for busy executives to receive adequate peaceful slumber that will prepare them to take on the challenges for the day ahead.

When it comes to choosing the right bed system for your body, finding one that will maintain the natural curves of the spine is key. Yet this is easier said than done as research shows that approximately 15 per cent of the world’s population suffer from backaches, with 80 per cent of those afflicted experiencing at least one severe backache situation. Dorsal’s bed systems are designed to help maintain the right sleeping posture. In fact, all Dorsal products are recommended by the Italian Physiotherapy Association (recognised by the Italian Ministry of Health) and can help to give you the kind of healthy sleep needed to improve your wellbeing.

Dorsal’s Elisir range of mattresses are exceptionally developed and guarantee high performance and great comfort. The combination of Natur memory gel and mousse provides just the right amount of support to every area of the body, automatically adjusting to your natural contours while protecting the spine. Another aspect of this innovative material is its heat regulating properties, which help to keep you cool throughout the night.



In addition to the perfect mattress, Dorsal now offers a new Sleep Dry cover featuring a new design and quilting pattern as well as a special manufacturing technique, which enables the hydrophilic cotton fabric to disperse and spread moisture over the entire cotton surface. This means that any form of humidity is quickly evaporated. The cover is also easy to remove, thanks to a practical zipper system, which opens on all four sides.



While the bedroom may be a place of rest and relaxation for many at night, urban city dwellers also enjoy spending time in bed during the day while reading a book or watching television.

In order to provide the right support, whether you’re sitting up in bed or lying down, Dorsal has created motoradjustable supports that deliver your desired comfort at any time of the day. The Xpoint r4 system can be configured to support your body while you watch movies, read or work from a laptop. The supports can also help to lift your legs, or turn your bed into a chaise lounge in the day so you can indulge in a power nap.

Dorsal’s sleep solutions are ideal for light sleepers and anyone who encounters problems sleeping throughout the night. With Dorsal, you no longer have to depend on counting sheep in order to fall asleep. Visit the lotus Sleep Studio to try out the new Dorsal bed systems