Omazz Bed Linen Tencel Bond 03
Omazz Bed Linen Tencel Bond 03


Omazz Tencel

It is known to be as fine as silk, as strong as polyester, as easy to care for as acrylic, cool and pleasant like linen, as warm as wool and absorbs more moisture than cotton. Tencel unites the advantages of many different fibers yet it is 100% natural based. 

OMAZZ TENCEL® Bedlinen is hydrophilic and produced from natural Cellulose fiber through Nano-technology.

Thus, it guarantees

     - Fine and Luxurious feel

     - Sleep cool in summer      

     - Pleasantly warm in winter      

     - 50% better moisture absorbent      

     - Keep you dry all night long      

     - 100% stronger than cotton fabric 



OMAZZ TENCEL® Bedlinen for being made from environmentally-friendly production process.


*** Goods will be delivered after 14 working days from the date the order is processed unless you are notified otherwise. Our Customer Service Officer will contact you once the goods are ready to be dispatch.

SGD 209 / wGST


Queen Fitted Sheet Set - 1 Queen fitted sheet (190x152x35cm)

King Fitted Sheet Set - 1 King fitted sheet (190x182x35cm)

King Duvet cover – 1 King Duvet 228 x 254 cm

Pillow Case (2 pcs/pkt) – 2 Pillow Cases 50 x 75 cm







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